Camping sussex county delaware

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Camping sussex county delaware

Both of your locations are right - there is a rope swing if you cross the damn (beware damn is 50 ft to bottom) but you don't have to worry about enforcement on the far side.The one closer (as noted by the email suggestion from 2008), is paroled by police - it is township property and there are No Swimming signs around.

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From I-287 in Pompton Lakes area, take Ringwood Road north about 4 miles then turn west (left) onto Westbrook Road at Rohde's Ringwood Inn (RRI).There is a metal cable hanging "must bring own rope" climb the steps built on the tree and hook your rope on.Popular spot for kids drinking and having small party's through out the day" Here is a report in 2009: "Was just here today.Walk through the field you come to at the top or the hill, passing the old seeing eye dog training facility. The northern end of this swimming area has very gradual slope. Park here and follow the trail across the road then walk along Vancampens Brook (downstream to the right) for about 1/2 mile to The Glen swimming place. goes off to the west (right) then look for the next super market (unknown name) on Pompton Ave. You will see a cargo container - walk down a trail to the right of the cargo container for like 2 min and you will see a bridge. Nice, deep (15 to 20 ft) informal swim spot in Farrington Lake. Three is a huge fence (I suppose a 12 year old boy could scale it) blocking the dam. There was no way even a 12 year old boy could walk across, though maybe with lower water it would be different.Continue on the paved road back to the parking area. to the west (upstream on the Delaware) along I-80 and then under I-80 and into the Water Gap/Worthington State Forest area. that is narrow and is one way and is controlled by a traffic signal. Water there is clean/clear with very gentle current MOST of the summer. To get here from the parking area for Sunfish Pond (above), continue north on Old Mine Rd. LAT, LON (of parking): lat=41.0652, lon= -74.9853 LINK TO GOOGLE MAP. Around to the left (facing the water as described in the site) were some very scuzzy scummy ways to get into the water. The directions to reach the place don't quite work.About 1 mile after that, you will see a sign on the right for the Farview hiking trail and ON THE LEFT a large parking area (signed "Karamac"). From this parking area, several trails zig-zag down to the Delaware river. NOTE: The National Park rangers will summons you for jumping off the rocks (an old collapsed bridge) and for tubing without a life jacket! Weekends, beware of jetskiis owned by family across the river. LAT, LON (of The Glen): lat=41.05933, lon= -74.99578(source: De Lorme) (accuracy:approximate) LINK TO GOOGLE MAP. Can't turn left on Farrington Road, though I did double back and find it without too much trouble." Here is another report from 2008:"I have lived in east Brunswick my whole life, a block from the lake.

LAT, LON lat=40.9891, lon= -75.1283(source: measured) (accuracy:approximate) , LINK TO GOOGLE MAP. Very nicely-developed, small official swimming area on the Delaware River in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area with lifeguards, changing rooms, etc.. From Garden State Pkwy Exit 153 head northwest on RT 3, it joins up with RT 46, continue to Pompton Ave. The information on how to get to the lake is correct but thats about it.

From Morristown (near I-287) take RT 510 (Mendham Rd.) west about 10 miles, through Mendham, then turn north (right) on Ironia Rd..

Keep left to stay on Ironia Rd., and in about 3 miles you will come to the India Brook Park entrance on the right (before you get to South Road ). The trailhead and kiosk are located in the sharp bend up the road about 150 feet, on the right. Here is a report on this area from 2009:"We visited "The Glen" last weekend.

THIS IS NOT REALLY A HOLE YOU WOULD WANT TO SWIM IN BUT... For information about this spooky place and the legend surrounding it, see DEVIL HOLE 1 , DEVIL HOLE 2.

it is a place of legend and mystery - not for the faint hearted and maybe not for anyone who values their life! From Vineland, go northeast on RT 54 then northwest on RT 322 to Berryland where you turn northeast on East Piney Hollow Rd..

Hike in three-fifths of a mile and follow blue trail markers, and you'll eventually come to the Blue Hole. The main place is at the wing dam, accessed from the campground, at the northernmost camping loop, near campsite #51.

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