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Angela Rodgers vs William Rodgers Gregory Berns vs Suzette Berns Nikishia Eubanks vs Randy Campbell Ebony M Nelson, Petitioner(s).

Cases Reassigned from Department K to Department B D‐09‐415905‐Z D‐12‐469271‐D D‐12‐469332‐D D‐12‐471744‐D D‐12‐473207‐D D‐13‐473852‐L D‐13‐476322‐N G‐11‐035877‐M G‐12‐037296‐M G‐13‐038488‐M R‐07‐142516‐R R‐08‐143906‐R R‐08‐146663‐R R‐09‐147477‐R R‐09‐147828‐R R‐09‐148475‐R R‐09‐149469‐R R‐09‐149513‐R R‐09‐151879‐R R‐10‐154047‐R R‐10‐155309‐R R‐10‐159009‐R R‐10‐159667‐R R‐11‐161918‐R R‐11‐166069‐R R‐12‐169871‐R R‐12‐171333‐R R‐12‐173781‐R R‐13‐174617‐R R‐13‐175146‐R T‐11‐135355‐T T‐13‐147887‐T In the Matter of the Joint Petition for Divorce of: Michael Anthony Castaneda and Desaray Kay Castaneda, Petitioners.

Mary Gayles vs Brandi Chambers Dawn Helm vs Mark Helm Lisa D Coleman, Petitioner(s).

Theresa Dye vs Teddy Johnson Sondra Garland vs Theodore Garland Jacqueline 0 Nelson, Petitioner(s).

Barbara Sullivan vs John Flanagan Florence Rice vs Keith Everest Susan Stimpson, Petitioner(s).

Micki Stephens vs Dusty Mashtare In the Matter of the Guardianship of: Justin Manchester, Minor Ward(s) In the Matter of the Guardianship of: Jacob Steffens, Minor Ward(s) In the Matter of the Guardianship of: John Caver, Javonn Caver, Minor Ward(s) In the Matter of the Guardianship of: Donavan Howard, Minor Ward(s) Rosa Mitchell, Petitioner(s).

Mandy Cardoza vs Benjamin Arcand Dianelys Munoz, Petitioner(s).

David Thomas vs Jeffrey Morris Mieshia Vickers vs Michael Simon In the Matter of the Guardianship of: Charles Eubanks, Minor Ward(s) Regina Franklin vs Donald Woods In the Matter of the Guardianship of: Taylor Igber, Minor Ward(s) Tonia Stallworth vs Dennis Haralson Angela Barkum, Petitioner(s).

Robin Host vs Franklin Pulver Jr Kristine K Wilson, Petitioner(s).

Anita Earl vs Robert Perry Darlene H Lewis, Petitioner(s).

Jose Flores, Adverse Party Joni Mc Cray, Applicant vs Darryl Mc Cray, Adverse Party Cases Reassigned from Department K to Department C 00R102585 00R102661 00R102829 00R103025 00R103072 00R103254 00R104107 00R104856 00R105338 00R105393 00R105721 00R105753 00R105907 01G023259 01R106741 01R106966 01R108287 01R109247 01R109478 01R110566 01R111117 01R111317 01R111380 01R111383 01R111535 01R111585 01R112302 01R112577 02G023571 02G023811 02G024041 02G024162 02G024575 02R113461 02R114713 02R115845 02R116356 02R117255 02R117363 02R117454 03G024777 03G024962 03R118614 03R118753 03R119348 Grace I Schultz, Petitioner(s).

Fern Adamo vs John Adamo Shannon Morris vs Benjamin Taylor Rosalinda Navarro, Petitioner(s).

Debra Ramirez vs Steven Ramirez Laura Folsom vs Talon Folsom Cristina Soares vs Jose Roman Mercedes Fernandez vs Jose Colunga Jr Cindie Marcrum vs Michael Marcrum Connie S Jarvey, Petitioner(s).

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