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Myeclassonline online dating

However, when the Armageddon that Manson had predicted did not occur, he said he and his followers must show the blacks how to do it.The reason why I chose Manson for my analysis is because this man is an obviously highly disturbed individual.

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She was briefly married to a man named William Manson which is the reason why his last name was changed.No one knew until later that he was actually living there at the time.Biography Charles Manson was born on November 12, 1934 in Cincinnati, Ohio to a 16 year old Kathleen Maddox.During this time, his wife divorced him after giving birth to his second son named Charles Luther Manson Jr.He spent his prison time learning to play guitar and studied Scientology.After Manson was rejected from foster care, he lived on his own and stole as a means for survival.

He ended up being sent to the Gibault Home for Boys in Indiana.

Also, being from Los Angeles where most of his crimes occurred, I’ve seen first-hand some of the crime scenes and heard personal stories from family members about encounters.

When my mother was a young teenager, she lived near Manson’s Spahn Ranch in Chatsworth, CA and used to hike the trails alongside his house.

A year after his release when he was 21, he married a 17 year old girl named Rosalie Jean Willis.

The two traveled to California in a stolen car and the only thing that kept Manson from another prison sentence was that Rosalie was pregnant with his child.

He eventually failed to meet his requirements for probation and was sent to Terminal Island Prison for 3 years.