Options for consolidating credit card debt

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When you’re consolidating card balances, it pays to move slowly and methodically.While you’re at it, weigh the alternatives and ask a lot of questions.

And a credit card is unsecured, so you’re not risking assets.

Loan amounts vary with credit score and history, and personal loans typically top out around ,000, he says.

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You close all card accounts and make 1 monthly payment to the agency, which pays the creditors. Advantages: You’ll get lower interest rates (not balances) and an end to over-limit and late fees, Mc Clary says.

Also, agencies will work for low- or no cost, if you’re struggling.

Drawbacks: Before applying, ask about balance-transfer limits and fees, says Celeste Collins, executive director of On Track Financial Education & Counseling.

Also: You won’t learn the APR or credit limit until after you’re approved — if you’re approved.

While banks and credit unions make signature loans, subprime lenders are also very active in this market, Mc Clary says.

So it’s important to shop carefully and understand rates, terms and fees, he says.

Drawbacks: It doesn’t get more risky as a method of debt consolidation.

You’re offering your house as collateral for what’s now unsecured credit-card debt, Mc Clary says.

Some points to consider: Savings account: Borrow from savings and it isn’t lost interest you worry about.

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