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The sexual arts arguably reached their climax between the end of the Han dynasty and the end of the Tang dynasty.After 1000 CE, Confucian restraining attitudes towards sexuality became stronger, so that by the beginning of the Qing dynasty in 1644, sex was a taboo topic in public life.

The Women's Center and Louisiana State University are also not responsible for the content or accuracy of external Web sites. Bernard Battered Women's Program Telephone: 504-277-3177Fax: 504-279-9377Address: P. Box 645, Arabi, LA 70032 Stop Abuse for Everyone Web site: Telephone: 1-800-799-7233 (Domestic Violence), 1-866-331-9474 (Dating Violence), 1-800-656-4673 (Sexual Assault) Address: 4939 Calloway Drive, Suite 104, Bakersfield, CA 93312 Taylor House Battered Women's Program Telephone: 318-256-3408Fax: 318-256-2064Address: 390 S. 26852 4-H Club Rd., Denham Springs, LA, 70726 (physical) Return To Top Anorexia Nervosa and Related Eating Disorder, Inc. National Associations of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders Web site: Email: [email protected]: Helpline: 630-577-1330 General Bussiness: 630-577-1333Address: 750 E Diehl Road #127 Naperville IL, 60563 National Eating Disorders Association Web site: [email protected] Eating Telephone: 212-575-6200, Helpline: 1-800-931-2237Fax: 212-575-1650Address: 165 West 46th Street Suite 402, New York, NY, 10036 Overeaters Anonymous of Baton Rouge Web site: [email protected]: 225-751-0259Address: P. Box 14815 Baton Rouge, LA 70898 Return To Top American Association of University Women Web site: Email: [email protected]: Hotline: 1-800-326-AAUW Office: 202-785-7700Fax: 202-872-1425Address: 1111 Sixteenth St., NW, Washington, D. 20036 LSU Continuing Education Web site: [email protected] Telephone: 225-578-2500Fax: 225-578-3090Address: LSU Campus, 1225 Pleasant Hall LSU Student Support Services Web site: [email protected]: 225-578-2873Fax: 225-578-8308Address: LSU Campus, 150 Himes Hall LSU Women's and Gender Studies Web site: Email: [email protected]: 225-578-4807Fax: 225-578-4804Address: LSU Campus, 118 Himes Hall LSU Writing Center Web site: https://sites01edu/wp/cxc/writing/Email: [email protected]: 225-578-7795Address: LSU Campus, 208 Coates Hall National Women's Studies Association Web site: Email: [email protected]: 410-528-0355Fax: 410-528-0357Address: 11 E Mount Royal Avenue, Suite 100 Baltimore, Maryland 21202 Women's College Coalition Web site: [email protected]: 404-913-9492Fax: 202-234-0445Address: P. Box 3983 Decatur, GA 30031 Return To Top American Red Cross Web site: (National web site), (Baton Rouge area website)Telephone: 225-291-4533Fax: 225-292-4692Address: 4655 Sherwood Common Blvd., Baton Rouge, LA 70816 Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Baton Rouge Web site: [email protected]: 225-383-3928Fax: 225-355-1445Physical address: 10600 South Choctaw, Baton Rouge, LA 70815Mailing Address: P. Box 45830, Baton Rouge, LA 70895 Food Stamp Office Web site: (links to food stamp application and information)Telephone: 225-342-4051Address: 1427 Main Street, Baton Rouge, LA 70802 Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank Web site: [email protected]: 225-359-9940Address: 5546 Choctaw Dr., Baton Rouge, LA 70805 or P. Box 2996, Baton Rouge, LA 70805 Louisiana Office on Women's Policy Telephone: 225-219-9720Address: 150 3rd. 20003 Capital City Family Health Center4000 Gus Young Ave Phone: 225-389-8850 Center for Natural Healing Telephone: 225-927-9273Address: 149 Cora Dr., Baton Rouge, LA 70815 Greenbrier Behavioral Healthcare Telephone: 985-893-2970 (Hospital Main Number)Telephone: 985-893-1217 (intake)Fax: 985-867-1140 (intake)Address: 201 Greenbrier Boulevard, Covington, LA 70433 Hospice Foundation of Greater Baton Rouge Web site: [email protected]: 225-767-4673Fax: 225-769-8113Address: 9063 Siegen Lane, Suite Apple, Baton Rouge, La. Box 629 (Zip 70821-0629)Baton Rouge, LA 70802Phone: (225)342-9500Fax: (225)342-5568 LSU Student Health Center Web site: Telephone: 225-578-6716 for appointments Fax: 225-578-5655Address: On campus at the corner of Infirmary Rd and West Chimes St.70806Hours: M – F 8 am – pm Phone: (225) 925 1906Fax: (225) 925 1972 Family Services of Greater Baton Rouge Telephone: 225-924-0123Address: 4727 Revere, Baton Rouge, LA 70808 Gonzales Mental Health Center 1112 S. Also call this number for prenatal classes.)Better Beginnings Program Coordinator: 225-201-0027Address: 323 East Airport Avenue, Baton Rouge, La 70806 Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Baton Rouge Website: 225-383-3929Fax: 225-454-6333Address: 8281 Goodwood Blvd., Suite H, Baton Rouge, LA 70806Email: [email protected]: 225-379-8598Fax: 225-379-8598Address: 848 Louisiana Ave.Baton Rouge, LA 70802Email: [email protected] and Adolescent Response Team (CART)Administrative Office:4615 Government Street, Building 1Baton Rouge, LA 70806Phone: (225) 922 0631(866) 392 4692 (Toll Free)(225) 922 0631 (After Hours)Fax: 2 Child Welfare League of America Web site: Telephone: 202-688-4200Fax: 202-822-1689Address: 1726 M St.#B, Baton Rouge, LA 70805 American Civil Liberties Union Web site: (national), [email protected]: 504-522-0617, 866-522-0617Address: P. Box 56157, New Orleans, LA 70156 Child Support Enforcement Telephone: 225-342-4780Address: 627 N 4th St., Baton Rouge, LA 70802 Court Appointed Special Advocates Web site: (local chapter)Telephone: 225-379-8598Fax: 225-379-3362Address: 341 Saint Joseph St., Baton Rouge, LA 70802 Crime and Victims Reparations Board Web site: links are on the bottom of the page)Telephone: 225-342-1500Address: 602 North Fifth Street, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70802 Legal Momentum (Formally: NOW Legal Defense and Educational Fund)Web site: https:// [email protected]: (212) 925-6635Address: (Policy Office) 1522 K St., NW, Suite 550, Washington, DC 20005 or (General Information) 395 Hudson St., New York, NY 10014Alternative Telephone: referral service 212-925-6635 Return To Top Baton Rouge Metropolitan Community Church Website: [email protected]: (225) 248-0404Address: 7747 Tom Drive, Baton Rouge, LA 70806 Capital City Alliance, Inc. LSU Psychological Services Telephone: 225-578-1494Address: on-campus, 33 Johnston Hall, in the basement LSU Office of Health Promotion Web site: 225-578-5718Address: Student Health Center, Suite 2 (basement) Margaret Dumas Mental Health Center3843 Harding Blvd. 70807Hours: M - F am – pm Phone: (225) 359 9315Fax: (225) 359 9326 Mental Health Association of Greater Baton Rouge Telephone: 225-929-7674Address: 544 Colonial Drive, P. Box 64585, Baton Rouge, LA 70896 The Phone (BR Crisis Intervention Center)Telephone: 225-924-3900 Mental Health Support Groups• Only phone numbers are listed as times and locations of meetings change frequently.Website: 2561 Citiplace Ct., Suite #750-103 Baton Rouge, LA 70808Phone: 225-366-7487Email: [email protected] for Equality Website: [email protected]: (504) 569-9156Fax: (504) 523-8522Address: 3366 Lafayette Street, Suite 200, New Orleans, LA 70130 Human Rights Campaign Website: Louisiana Trans Advocates Website: LSU Safe Space Campaign Email: [email protected]: (225) 578-4339Email: (225) 578-7135Address: 326A Student Union, Baton Rouge, LA 70803 LSU Spectrum Website: [email protected] To Top American Institute of Stress Web site: [email protected]: 682-239-6823Fax: 817-394-0593Address: 9112 Camp Bowie West Blvd. 70737Hours: M – F 8 am – pm Phone: (225) 621 5775Fax: (225) 644 3208 Greenbrier Behavioral Healthcare Telephone: 985-893-2970 (Hospital Main Number)Telephone: 985-893-1217 (intake)Fax: 985-867-1140 (intake)Address: 201 Greenbrier Boulevard, Covington, LA 70433Contact: Marye Blank 225-573-8248 Grief Recovery Center Telephone: 225-924-6621Address: 4919 Jamestown Suite 102, Baton Rouge, LA 70808 LSU Mental Health Services Web site: [email protected]: 225-578-6271Address: 254 Student Health Center, at the corner of Infirmary Rd. Survivors of Suicide 225-924-1434Women's Hospital (various groups) 225-927-1300Children’s Bereavement 225-924-1431Overeaters Anonymous 225-751-0259Narcotics Anonymous 225-381-9609 Agenda for Children Web site: [email protected]: 1-800-486-1712Fax: (985)-446-8255Address: 8300 Earhart Blvd., Suite 201, New Orleans, LA 70118Al Azar Grotto Telephone: 225-275-6082Address: 14468 Florida Blvd., Baton Rouge, LA 70819Association for Children for Enforcement of Support Email: [email protected]: 1-888-310-2237Fax: 1-800-739-2237Address: P. Box 7842, Fredericksburg, VA 22404-7842 Baton Rouge Parents Magazine Website: 11831 Wentling Ave., Baton Rouge, LA 70816Phone: 225-292-0032Fax: 225-292-0038 Baton Rouge Youth Coalition Web site: 225-389-3000Address: 423 S.Forbes, EDTelephone: 225-389-3001Fax: 225-358-3444Address: P. Anthony's House Telephone: 225-765-8917Address: 5000 Hennessy, Baton Rouge, LA 70800 Society of St. Vincent De Paul-- Day/ Night Shelter Web site: Michael J. CEO, Israel Garcia, PMTelephone: 225-383-7837 or 225-383-6623Address: 1623 Convention St., Baton Rouge, LA 70802 or P. Box 127, Baton Rouge, LA 70821 Volunteers of America-- Drop-In Center Telephone: 225-925-1313Address: 3865 Government St., Baton Rouge, LA 70806 or 3765 Government St., Baton Rouge, LA 70806 (mailing) Volunteers of America-- Parker House Web site: Jane Shank, Pres/Ceo, Loraine Dunkley EDEmail: [email protected], [email protected]: 225-928-9398Fax: 225-928-9490Address: 1945 Carolyn Sue Dr.

Vincent De Paul-- Bishop Ott Shelter(night)Web site: Michael J. CEO, Israel Garcia, PMTelephone: 225-383-7837 or 225-383-7343Fax: 225-383-6623Address: 2550 Plank Rd., Baton Rouge, LA 70821 or P. 70815, 3765 government st., 70806(mailing) Volunteers of America-- Transitional Housing Program Web site: Jane Shank, Pres/CEO, C. #228 Fort Worth, TX 76116American Psychological Association Web site: Telephone: 202-336-5500, 1-800-374-2721, 202-336-6123 TDD/TTY, 202-336-5500 (Division of the Psychology of Women)Address: 750 First Street NE, Washington, D. 20002 Baton Rouge Crisis Intervention Center Web site: 225-924-1431Address: 4837 Revere Avenue, Baton Rouge, LA 70808 Baton Rouge Mental Health Center Web site: Office of Mental Health, Clinic-Based Services)Telephone: 225-925-1909, 225-925-1906 (patients)Fax: 225-925-1972Address: 4615 Government St., Bldg. 20th St., Baton Rouge, LA 70806 or 2110 Government St., Baton Rouge, LA 70806 Better Beginnings Telephone: 225-924-8444(call this number first to make an appointment.B, Baton Rouge, LA 70806 Center for Adult Behavioral Health Services 4615 Government Street, Building 2Baton Rouge, La. If no answer, leave your full name and telephone number on the answering machine.Taoist sexual practices (Simplified Chinese: 房中术, Traditional Chinese: 房中術, pinyin: fángzhōngshù), literally "the bedroom arts", are the ways Taoists may practice sexual activity.These practices are also known as "Joining Energy" or "The Joining of the Essences".The first sexual texts that survive today are those found at the Mawangdui.

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