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We undressed and went out to join our guest in our robes as well.

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He stays in great shape by doing aerobics about twice a week.

She spent most of the evening chatting with him as she prepared her famous lasagna.

After dinner, Marie suggested we get in the hot tub to relax. I half-jokingly said that we usually went naked anyway.

I had secretly harbored fantasies about her throughout the years.

I love to read about fantasies in magazines and on the internet about sharing your wife with another man, but never had I talked to her about them.

For the past year we have been trying to have a baby but the doctor said my sperm count was too low.

Marie, on the other hand, is as fertile as the Tennessee Valley. I switched to boxers and we would go at it like banshees ever time she ovulated.

But when women do speak, it’s worth listening – because they use more varied and thoughtful language than men.

Psychologist Geoffrey Beattie, from Manchester University, reviewed 56 studies into male and female communication and discovered that 24 concluded men used more words per day – while only two pointed to women being the more talkative sex.

The only time the sexes were verbal equals was when talking about current affairs, the research for insurance company Sheilas’ Wheels found.

Professor Beattie said: ‘It is men who are more likely to talk for the sake of talking when engaged in social chitchat by recycling their words with ritualistic and redundant language that doesn’t contain new information.

Marie got in first and tried to keep herself covered as much as possible while slipping under the bubbles, but Darrin got a great shot of her lovely legs and her brunette patch.

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