Uk sex education website

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Uk sex education website

“We have involved young people throughout the development about how best to reach them and communicate with them.We have used language that young people understand and use.

We’ll be adding loads more Sexperience content soon, but let’s kick things off with a bit of a classic quiz…In its absence, we’ve been handed the baton and have been tasked with continuing it’s epic sexual mission. ' will be getting to get to the bottom of all manor of sex-related issues.From staying safe in the bedroom and avoiding unplanned pregnancies to figuring out how to do it, when to do it and who to do it with, we’ll have it covered.The £24,000 cost of developing the site and app came from an NHS West Midlands research fund.Norman Wells, director of the Family Education Trust, a national charity, claimed that the website only “paid lip service” to the legal age of consent, adding: “It pretty much tells young people they can engage in sexual activity whenever they feel ready, regardless of what the law says.” He went on: “Parents throughout the region will be appalled that health professionals have supported the development of a resource that condones sexual experimentation by young people and uses crude and sometimes even foul language.“Not only does the site include a considerable volume of unhealthy and unhelpful content, but much of the information provided is not even accurate.” The website’s developers used research from a European-funded study tour of the Netherlands, where sex education for young people focuses on pleasure as well as biological facts.

Amy Danahay, project manager of Respect Yourself, said: “The internet has changed how young people find out about sex.In response to the question, “Why do you have to be 16 to have sex? ”, the website states: “The law says you are not old enough to decide for your self until you are 16 – as this is the age the law sees us as being mature enough to decide. Some are ready before, some not till much later.” Young people thinking about losing their virginity are directed to a page entitled “Am I Ready?” with a list of six questions designed to help them decide.We’ll be adding plenty of content to the Sex and Relationships section of the ‘Am I Normal?’ site in the coming weeks and months including articles, cheat sheets, polls, videos, quizzes and more.From man bits to masturbation, virgins to vulvas, boobs to blowjobs and everything in between, there was nowhere it feared to tread in its quest to lay sex bare.

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